Towel stand


Wooden Hand Towel Holder, Brown (Lotus-C)

  • CONVENIENT UTILITY – Roll your small hand towels and place it on top of one another in the slot of this designer towel stand. This towel holder for wash basin can easily accommodate 4-6 small hand towels and 3 bigger hand towels. Pull out one when needed from this stack.
  • EASE OF USE-No drilling or mounting on walls necessary. Simply place the towel rack for bathroom where it is needed near the wash basin. Arrives assembled ready to use. Just place it on your vanity countertop, roll hand towels and put it in.
  • STYLISH DESIGN ACCESSORY-This towel stand provides smart compact utility storage while adding a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom accessories. This embellished designer hand towel holder is sure to add a ‘wow’ factor to your home décor.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOO- As much as it is convenient to use this towel stand in every bathroom of your house to make fingertip hand towels easily accessible to you or your visiting guests, This towel stand can also be used nest to your dining console or dressing table.
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED- The size of this stand is so perfect, it measures-4.5/2.75 inch only, height-9” that it can be accommodated even in the tightest spaces of your bathroom or a small countertop besides the basin. No need for bulky tray or basket to hold your towels/napkins. This napkin holder stand will occupy minimum space of your vanity countertop whether near your dining area or even dressing area.


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