About Us

The philosophy of the brand is to grow by making everyone glow.
With the e-commerce venture, not only India’s coveted designers but the young talent will find a pedestal to showcase their products.
The brand endorses “vocal for local” and supports Indian artisans and small businesses.
The carefully curated design platform will bring glamour to your home/office,The fashion entrepreneur brings you this website that will unveil the best in style and grandeur.
Our collection has grown to thousands of designs handpicked by our buying team, who search all year for unique goods from around the world.
We also discover unique pieces through online submissions from our community of artists and designers.
Thanks to our in-house product development team, we create our own goods, too.
Every design we carry incorporates elements of creativity. We look for goods that:
• Serve a purpose
• Solve a problem
• Stun us with their beauty
• Are handmade with exceptional craft and skill
• Use unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials
• Are made without leather, feathers, or fur
• Make us wonder, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”
So let’s get started. Unfurl your dream and bring out the diva in you with the press of a button and at the convenience of your home. Wherever you are, join in for some glam and a whole lot of fun.
Happy Shopping!

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